Wife Day--Today is Wife Day!

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Wife Day

I am sure there is a designated day for Wives but it is my intention to treat every day of my married life as a special day for my wife.

I love her for her gentle presence. She does her work all around the house while I pound on the typewriter. I admire her bustling professionalism. She is the best in her job. She loves to cook and keep the house clean. She gives her hundred percent. How many people can say that about their jobs? I have never heard her complain.

She manages her time so well. She has time for her friends and relatives. She is a communications master. Her mobile phone is her command center. She keeps in touch with her world.

She is a lover of soaps but she rations her intake to two sob stories because she has to watch the news and keep up to date with the rest of the world.

She is an avid reader. She loves her family.

Everyone admires her patience and softness. She does not have an atom of offensive aggression in her. Many jealous women have harmed her in her life because of this. She has always turned to God. She keeps her faith with strength and sails through all difficulties.

Her calmness in distress is reassuring.

I dedicate all the days of my life to her. Every day is a wife day for me.

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