White Goddess meets me in my mind

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I wrote back to my employers and told them I would be back within ten days for work. I saw no hope here. I immersed myself in my meditation. I wanted some good results before I went back to Toronto. Suddha was Guru Disha’s specialist on Yoga. She was not much of a talker. She rather spoke with her actions and even mimed her requests. She would not say ‘close your eyes’ instead she would close her own eyes and then point towards me. If she wanted me to open my eyes she made a very gentle click with her thumb and middle finger. It was like following a robot. It saved a lot of time wasted on small chat. I did not know she was a hypnotist till she asked me one day if I would like to search my past for any ‘soul-injuries.” I reluctantly accepted to being hypnotized. She did it in a very strange and unique way. She would stand up and begin a slow dance with her arms stretched and reaching up and praying heavenwards. She would look at me all the while. In between she would point to her eyes with one hand reminding me to look into her eyes. They were big eyes outlined with kohl. There was no music. A white carpeted room with sunlight pouring in through the windows. I could see small dust mites in a bright ray of the Sun probing the white carpet. Suddha too was wearing white. I gazed into her eyes but my mind was held by her rhythmic dance with her arms swinging in blurring circles. I could not resist the force of her eyes and arms. I looked and looked but my eyes slowly closed down and I went into a mental trance. A strange mist enveloped me. A woolly white fog. There was gentle music from the bells hung on hundreds of white sheep. A white ghostly figure sailed past me as if on wheels. She was loaded around her neck with diamonds and gold chains. She had a big golden crown on her head, studded with rubies and emeralds. In one hand she held a black spear with a twinkling blade which she seemed to be getting ready to throw at me. I watched her eyes. They were red as if filled with anger or a lack of sleep. I followed her through the fog. I could feel I was still in my yoga asana. I was flying and following her in my yoga pose. I suddenly bumped into her face to face. She caught me by the hair and touched my forehead with the spear point. It hurt. The spell was broken. I was back in the meditation room. It was empty. Suddha had left. The Sun had moved away. Some hours had elapsed since my arrival in the room. I looked at my pink yoga dress. There was a tiny red spot on the shirt bottom. I touched my forehead. There was some blood. In front of me lay one flower of marigold and a tiny ladoo. Had I really met that white jeweled lady? Or was this prick on the forehead and the flower and the sweet just a hoax played on me by Suddha?

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