How were oak framed buildings traditionally built?

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An oak tree is a very common but respected tree in England. Its wood has provided frames for traditionally built buildings for many centuries. Only a master carpenter could have built the 400 years old heritage buildings that are seen all over England today. Making the intricate timber frame was a job only for the most skilled and patient craftsmen. This article explains how buildings can be made out of oak wood.

Green oak

Traditional oak buildings were made with the simplest of tools. Since the hand saw came to England in the seventeenth century, framed houses before that were made with simple tools like a froe, maul, wedge, axe and a splitting hatchet. A traditional frame building was made with mortise and tenon joints using unseasoned green oak. The benefit of green oak is that it contracts as it matures and the joints become firmer and secure for centuries.

Managed oak woodlands

A density of .75 gm per cubic centimetre makes oak timber very strong for frame homes. A timber house also looks aesthetically beautiful. It is no wonder that there is a sudden interest in buildings built with oak frames. An oak frame house is also a very green choice because every oak tree that is cut is replaced by at least two to three new oak plants as part of modern managed woodlands.

Oak frame garage

The popularity of carpenter oak can be judged from the great demand for prefabricated garage homes. Many companies will help you to build a house of oak complete with oak porches, porch windows and an oak garage. In case you need one which is similar to the beautiful garage buildings dotted all over England, then you can opt for a garage kit which can be assembled in a few hours. Timber garages can accommodate one or two cars.

Gazebo, garden shed or pool house

An oak frame company will help you to build the ideal timber building, keeping careful orientation for the west wind. Frame kits are available with a provision for an oak window wherever you wish it to be located. The orientation of the framed houses with a beautiful wooden border design is done taking into consideration the west wind. The right window frame and the perfect oak border give an elegant touch to a classical frame oak house.

It is obvious that modern oak framed houses using traditional and modern building methods can offer constructions for any purpose or location. An oak framed building can be a home, a garage, a gazebo, a pool side enclosure, a garden shed or a beautiful church. It is environmentally friendly and adds to the beauty of the English suburban or urban landscape.

Oak Tree1 Sound Oak Farmhouse, Sound, Cheshire | Source | Author Category:TiIn the frame!Sarasota - House (2001)

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