LDS PLANET--Vodka With Polygamous Name Not Welcome in idaho

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Polygamous Vodka-- Sensitive Idaho Does Not Like It

Idaho regulators are acting like Caesar. They have divorced themselves from Five Wives Vodka taking into consideration their Mormon Population. Caesar divorced himself from his second wife Pompeia because she was an innocent host to a man disguised as a lady in a festival meant only for women.

Idaho regulators are careful because Mormons make up 25 percent of Idaho’s population.

Meanwhile Utah the mother state for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has not banned the Vodka. They feel since the flesh is not willing why should the spirit be punished.

The Mormon religion till it banned the practice in 1896 allowed a man ten virgins or even more because it was God’s will. Polygamy does continue but in remote pockets.

The pot it seems does not want to call attention to the reformed kettle.

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