Top Ten Web Pioneers

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1. Ray Tomlinson


Number one on the list is Ray Tomlinson the creator of email. He also chose the @ sign as a prefix for the destination address. His SNDMSG software did a lot of groundbreaking work in the field of emails.


2. Craig Newmark


Number two on the list is Craig Newmark the founder of Craigslist which is a new way of looking up classified ads. It has billions of page views and millions of visitors.


3. Al Gore


Former Vice President of the United States of America was very helpful in the growth of the internet. He recognised the value of it for education and business. He helped through many legislations which helped the growth of the internet.


4.Robert Kahn


This ‘Father of the Internet’ co-created the TCP/IP protocols. He also originated DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Awareness). He was also prominent in the spread of packet switching technology.


5.Vinton Cerf


The other ‘Father of the Internet’ with Robert Kahn.


6. Mitchell Baker


Meet the ‘Mother of Mozilla Firefox’ web browser. A believer in open source internet application makes her really the matriarch of free browsing.


7. Phil Zimmerman

He is the Protector of Privacy with his (PGP) Pretty Good Privacy software. It is one of the reasons that your emails are secure from prying eyes.


8. Jon Postel

Creator of IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and the founding member of the Internet Society.


9. Tim Berners-Lee

He is the inventor of the World Wide Web with his fine tuning of HTML and HTTP.


10. Linus Trovalds


Creator of the Linux operating system which he made available to the world when he was only 21 years old living in Helsinki.



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