Virgin Vacation--The Chastity Belt Code-Jerusalem to Linz

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Nine years ago before Christmas a lady triggered alarm bells at Athens airport because she was wearing a metallic chastity belt under her clothes.

She claimed her husband had forced her to wear it when she went to holiday in Greece. He did not want her to have an extra marital affair.

The truth of the story is only known by the lady but the question remains how long would such a marriage last?

The original chastity belts are supposed to have been imposed upon the wives of knights going on the Crusades. This story too lacks any authentication.

Chastity belts today are more like sex toys to titillate the lovers. One husband made his wife wear it on their wedding day. He felt it would add to the excitement of loving her if he did the unlocking.

Everyone’s mind of course wanders to the question of hygiene. It is an unclean system.

Perhaps an inventor right now is working at an electronic chastity belt which will open only if you fill in the right password. It is time for Dan Brown to write another thriller with a pretty heroin set to explode if all the clues are not discovered. The setting of course can be a race from Jerusalem to Linz in Austria, where a female corpse was discovered wearing a chastity belt in 1889. .

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