Smartphone smart--shift to prepaid plans

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Be Smart with your smartphone-Go Prepaid

It is time to get smart and opt for the prepaid option while buying smartphones like iPhone. The big companies will try to trap you into a two year contract where they fleece you with fancy add-ons in your bill. The post paid route also gives you a smartphone for as little as $100 but if you buy a smartphone outright it may cost you as much as $ 600. In the end the latter option still proves cheaper.

You are still the winner in the pre-paid option. You do not pay a hefty bill every month. You are not stuck with bad service for two years and you become more sensible in your usage in the pre-paid mode when you get reminded about your balance after every call.

Traditionally the prepaid option has been popular with the low income group of mobile users. The trend is changing and at least 10 percent of the post paid users have shifted to pre-paid to escape surreptitious over charging in one guise or another by telephone companies.

Researchers have calculated that you save more than a thousand dollars the prepaid way.

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