SlimAirlines-How much do you weigh?

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Waist size and Airline Tickets



It’s here! This perhaps is the precursor to airline tickets according to weight. $ 300 if you weigh a 100 pounds and $ 600 if you weigh 200 pounds.


Or perhaps now is the time for a Slim Airline. Only people below 140 pounds allowed. Airlines would really be able to pack in so many passengers that way. The overweight would perhaps have to go by rail or ship.


Ryan Air has been one of the airlines asking its crew members and pilots to reduce weight in order to cut fuel costs. Ryan Air carries fewer ice cubes to reduce weight. Its onboard magazine is slimmer and the menu has been made a part of the magazine. The carpets have been made lighter. The refreshment carts are lighter and the seats too have less weight.


Every reduction in kilograms in a crew member’s weight saves about $100 in fuel. The details about weights are being worked out. Say bye-bye to the buxom air hostess and welcome an era of Twiggy airline crew members. Ryan Air has also featured the slim air hostesses on a charity calendar. Other airlines treading this path are Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines.


If you want to travel economically when you retire keep your waist size in check-the world is a strange place you never know, the time of SlimAir might already have come. Perhaps the first question you will encounter online or on the phone will be “how much do you weigh?”

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