Sex is part of Nirvana

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It continued like that for many nights. I had very risqué dreams. I also felt a feeling of power. A sudden surging of muscle power. I felt like punching the next person who rubbed me the wrong way. I felt confident enough to take a ride on the Metro train. Halfway on the way to Kashmere Gate station I was fingered and felt and pinched. I caught the offending person with the pinch technique. He tried to twist his arm out of my grip. I squeezed. The man a tall dark man with big muscles cried out for mercy. I pulled him out at the next station and called for the Metro security.

It was a very long drawn out affair at the police station. The dark man got pushed around and punched by the policemen. They asked him if he did not have any mothers and sisters at home to pinch. I wanted to register a case but a wise looking man sitting on a bench dissuaded me from doing that. He said I would run from this court to that and in the end the man would get away with a light punishment. The beating at the police station was enough to prevent him trying the butt pinching for some time. I slapped the man on his face before I left the police station. One tooth fell out. He looked funny without the tooth. I would remember him anywhere now.

‘Call madam sister,’ said an angry policeman.

The man whined, ‘forgive me sister.’ I went away very satisfied. Passing by a hair dressers shop I entered just to have a look at myself. I looked the same but where was all that power coming from?

I went to Maitri again and asked her about my mysterious new physical strength.

‘You have achieved partial enlightenment in these few days. It is obvious that if you feel anger and aggression you are still far away from being part of the Supreme Soul. Do not worry; it will come soon with more meditation and yoga. You must continue with your yoga with Suddha and enjoy your money. Travel if you have to. Here is Gaj’s number. He will do your secretarial work. Book your tickets, your hotels and taxis and your appointments.’

I asked her about the obsession with sex. She said, ‘it is part of your aggression phase. It is natural. Till you reach Nirvana, well, umm you just learn to enjoy it without hurting anyone.’  

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