Pray for Aleppo

Published on by meditationguru

This is a special appeal to freedom loving people of the world. The citizenry

of Aleppo right now is fighting for our right to deny despots their evil

powers. It is frightening to think of the prospects looming large over the

population of Aleppo. A mad dictator bent on destroying defiant rebels. Does

not Assad realize he will be counted amongst the most villainous leaders of

the world? It is time for him to desist.

Please send out a silent prayer. May

God help the citizens of ancient Aleppo with a military miracle. May Assad

be put to rest today on this day when even God rested.

Pray that Assad’s guns fall silent suddenly.

May the soldiers turn on their masters and ride the tanks away from Aleppo.

Please God help Aleppo.

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