Past Present and Future

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We are fenced in by the past and the future. Most of us are oppressed by the past. We regret our diversions, digressions and transgressions of the past. This past lies heavily on our mind. The future too is insecure for a person who has given ‘hostages to fortune’ through marriage.

Religions seek to give us succor. Catholicism through confession and repentance; Buddhism by going into the shelter of the Enlightened One and Hinduism through prayer and a dip in the sin washing waters of the Ganges.

How to build a life without a troublesome past? We can follow the precepts of our religions. These are the final outcome of centuries of wisdom. Unfortunately man learns only by transgression and trespass. He repeats his mistakes incessantly. He is led on by greed and pride.

We can only get freedom from it by drawing a line in our mind which represents the past. Promise not to err and to obey all commandments. The past will recede slowly and steadily. A new and free persona will be created by letting old thoughts and memories sink to oblivion behind the line representing the past. Look ahead. The past is a deep abyss. This abyss cannot be filled with reasoning from the present. The past is a fait accompli. Admit defeat and move on. Do not even look back for you might fall irrevocably into its dark depths. Look forward; inch forward. Step by step build a new life of moral composure. Think well of the rest of the world. Ignore the evil that blasts at you through newspapers and television. Do your little bit of good and at last you will be free of the clutches of the past. Live your life happily everafter.



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