P!nk--Blow Me One Last Kiss

Published on by meditationguru

P!nk does it again with new single—Blow me one last kiss



Meet P!nk in her new and continuing vengeful avatar.

All men pay attention to your women or else---

Forget that fancy phone and concentrate on your date.

The song with its fast pace has an engrossing black and white video interspersed with some red wine and heartbreaking blood.



Originally meant to be released on July 9, 2012 it had to be officially released early when someone leaked a rough edition of the song.

It is a goodbye song with a bang—‘I think you're full of shit, my head is spinning so (blow me one last kiss).’ It’s a taunting theme—I'll dress nice, I'll look good/ I'll go dancing alone/ I will laugh, I'll get drunk/ I'll take somebody home.” P!nk with this song sustains her reign at number three behind Rihanna and Beyonce for the maximum number of  hits in the top ten charts.

      The cheating man in the video gets his comeuppance on his wedding day while the jilted P!nk rides off on a celestial winged bike into the horizon with a new boy friend.

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