Obamacare--The View from Outside

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Listen to Atticus Finch


Why the brouhaha? If the rest of the world were given healthcare at a minimal price it would jump for joy. This is rather like someone digging a hole in the pitch at Lords so that play would not resume the next day.

Here is my opinion, President Obama is a real life Atticus Finch and the small town is up in arms because he  wants to help the poor and the downtrodden an’ he gonna pick the pockets of the rich (Are the rich in the USA only Republican?)

America got lucky in Obama. I do not see Presidential material in all of Congress right now.

Come on guys, save face before the mud hits the Elephant.

As I understand this Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is just that-- an attempt to make health care more affordable. The Republicans had their day in the Supreme Court and lost. The court gave the green light for the innovative health program which will improve health services in the coming years. The senate passed it. So what is the problem now? It is nothing but a spoilt brat tantrum by pampered representatives from the Republican Party. They will surely eat humble pie soon. Pride will certainly have a fall.

Only time will tell whether The New York Times’ opinion that Obamacare ‘may secure Obama’s place in history’ will be proved right or not. At the present moment the world is watching the stalemate created by the Republicans. It seems like sheer cussedness to us uninitiated folks from the rest of the world and reminds one of European football rowdies.

A move which would be good for the people should certainly be appreciated by the most powerful democratic nation of the world.

Obama is coming out with flying colours here unlike the Republicans. He did not bomb Syria regardless because he had taken a stance which was eventually not practical. Let the Republicans be worldly wise and practical too for a change. The Shutdown should be shut down.







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