New Hitler--Bashar Al Assad

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I am not an expert on the Middle East but am still curious and enthralled about this region which has given us three great religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but now we have the growth of an Alawite Hitler decimating his citizens. What is it about Syria that leads it into constant strife and destruction?

My take on the situation is that Bashar will elevate a non Alawite out of necessity from his close confidants and that will be the man who will either kill him or stage a coup. Coups were so common before Assad’s father took over the reigns of the country. Why not now again? Are there no men left in Assad’s cabinet? Are they all sterile in front of this monster?

The international situation and experience in Afghanistan and Iraq has shown that perhaps a benign despot is better than a democracy in this region. Democracy is a very generous concept which perhaps is missing from the psyche of the Middle East. 

Although at one time I felt America should blast Assad out of power, now I feel it would definitely sink the US into an ocean of opposition.

The only way a  legitimate joint mission can enter Syria is if Putin agrees to a policy of intervention by a group of nations.The Chinese too have to concur. Even Iran is thawing.

Syriareally is a quagmire best left alone. The Syrians are like the ancient Jews right now waiting for a Messiah and peace in their promised land.

Is this region which prides itself in its macho image bereft of a real man? Perhaps women should come forward and grasp power in this topsy turvy world of religious hatred. 

Time is running out for Al. Bashar is doomed. Who will roast him the frying pan or the fire?



Call me Al---Al Assad ---000

Paul Simon somehow knew they would need his song in the Middle East. Now they do. A man called Al in a mid life crisis of gigantic proportions.

‘The rest of my life is so hard’ says the song and it is so apt for Al Assad. It is only a matter of time before he suffers the trauma of a Saddam or a Gaddafi or a Mubarak.

‘I want a shot at redemption.’ Sorry, not possible you lost that chance when the death toll rose to 80000 and the number of people displaced jumped to a million.

‘Don’t want to end up a cartoon.’ You said it, you are a Cartoon! What were you thinking when you started blasting your own citizens? Probably thought you were Clint Eastwood in the Good, Bad and the Ugly. Sorry pal you are the Ugly and your shooting did not get you out of any mess.

‘Where’s my wife and family

What if I die here?’

Serves you right Al.

I can tell your future. It is Zilch.

Just remember these two lines, which will haunt you forever:

‘There were incidents and accidents

There were hints and allegation.’

As Bruce Willis said it, ‘Welcome to the party’--- Al.




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