Naked Emperor-Bashar- Will get a Shroud Soon

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Sadly there is no one to tell Emperor Bashar that he is naked. He is devoid of any raiment of humanity, mercy or conscience. He is the plaything of sycophants. They will shoot him in the back as soon as they feel Bashar is of no use to them.

We the people of the world are cold voyeurs. We are watching innocents being eaten by the Lions in the arena that is Syria. I am ashamed of myself that I do not have the resources nor the courage to ride in with a substantial force to overturn this mindless, chinless dictator.

Alawaites have condemned themselves to reprisals that will be inevitable but will be well earned by their money seeking stooges.

We can put our hopes in the successful culmination of the US election.  Will the President of the United States then have the balls to help the people of Syria? The United Nations is a pitiable organisation which could not perhaps prevent its right hand from cutting off its own nose.

It is shameful to see a ruler turning the homes of his citizens into rubble. Bashar is trigger happy and stuck to the throne in fear. If he stops shooting and gets off the seat of power his own life will not be worth a crooked penny.

Majorities should never allow martial minorities to rule them. The battle should have been fought years ago when the Assads had not yet built such a vicious empire of spies, torture cells and secret service tyrants.

Democracy with all its warts and moles has to be introduced into the Middle East. A beginning has to be made in the warring nations of religious belligerence. Flowers have to be brought in and stuck into the barrels of all the guns poised for self destruction in the explosive Biblical lands.

      The leaders of these power hungry states should have international sanctions put on their personal selves instead of making the public suffer for the sins of their leaders. Religious referendums should be used to dismiss mad dogs like Bashar.

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