Meditation Lesson--4

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Meditation Lesson –4


Think before you speak. That is continuous meditation.

The desire to give a piece of your mind should be curtailed.

If only husbands and wives, fathers and sons learned to hold their peace the world would be a better place.

We repeat ourselves constantly. Our words invade the space of other people who live with us.

It is like two people watching television with individual remotes. None of them get a chance to shut down the television and seek silence. None of them get a chance to see an entire program. The other person keeps changing the channels.

Our words are like remote controllers constantly changing the equanimity of others.

It is not surprising that couples stop talking to each other for days. This enforced silence brings in healing.

We must realize that everything has been said already by someone. Everything has been written about by someone even 5000 years ago.

Try not making a comment about everything. If you had been so smart you would have been a millionaire anyway. If you aren’t, then hold your peace.

Constant comment makers are boring. It is not surprising that teenagers switch off their minds in the presence of parents. This is a defense against the badgering that most people subject them to.

Make sure your brain analyses the words you are going to speak before turning on the motor of your tongue.

Your silence will improve your credibility. Speak when you are spoken to. Never give voluntary advice.

Wars would not have happened if leaders did not have a constant desire to utter belligerent words.

Speak only pacific words.

Count till twenty when you are angry. Walking off when you are angry is not such a bad option. Angry words will only harm your cause.

Your life will become heaven with this careful use of words. Words are but flagstones to get you across the river of life. Too many flagstones and you will divert the river of your life. 

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