Meditation Lesson --3

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Meditation is a thinking pause. It is a time to reflect. It is time out from a crucial game. Meditation is time spent on the bench or the dugout thinking about what went by and what might be.


It is ironic that we dream of travelling when we retire. Unfortunately we injure our body and mind so much in our journey to retirement that neither is the spirit willing nor is the body strong when the time to travel comes.


Our life is conquered by our need to earn a living. All the prophets of the world quit the distractions of career, apprenticeship, profession or even kingdoms to seek the simple life.


Our life has become a constant desire for things and possessions. This is the trap which ensnares our minds. If we continue with our jobs but whittle away the desire to buy things we could gradually become free from the burden of possessions.


Our meditation can begin with the ceasing of distractions. We have mummified our lives into spells of drinking or watching television. We have allocated some time to shopping. Some to driving.


We are losing touch with our environment. Could we possibly sit in the park and just stare at the day passing by. I think that would be more successful meditation than being locked up in a room and chanting mantras.


Meditation is common sense. Men and women spend millions on rejuvenating their good looks. It is a lost cause. Save the money and save your soul. People do not love you because of your looks. People love you for who you are. Your children love you because you are their mother or father. Your extended family loves you for your place in the family tree. You are a part of the order of things. Accept yourself. Self respect your self. Reject all the beautification and slimming scams. The only way to get a healthy body is by eating less and by exercising moderately. Reject all the fancy rags to riches plans. Save like your parents did.

Come to your senses with meditation. Be an outdoor person and meet more people. Do not be afraid of being told who you are. This too is meditation. Change your attitude—that is meditation.



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