Magic Garden--Annie Konki--11--GT

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Annie Konki—11—GT


The next employee at the farm was GT. He was a middle-aged gardener. He promised to turn the farm into a green heaven. He was tall and thin with a black scraggly beard. He wore a faded floppy canvas hat. He wore a long red shirt under his overalls. He had thick soled black leather shoes which were now so scuffed they looked almost white. His face was drawn with sunken jowls. He loved to keep a pipe in his mouth. His straight black hair peeped out from under the hat like faded bristles on a long handled brush.

He mumbled to himself while he worked and it sounded like ‘yum yum yum’ to me. The kitchen soon had a big kitchen garden next to it. It was enclosed by a tiny picket fence coloured in white.

Everyone was surprised by the mixture of vegetables that soon began to grow in the kitchen garden. My father was delighted to see vegetables he had only seen on his grandfather’s dining table. Connie plucked the vegetables and she had no name for them as most of them except the tomatoes and lettuce and carrots.

GT would reveal the names of the growing vegetables. I soon realised that GT stood for ‘Green Thumb.’ Soon there was a stream of Crossway residents wishing to have a look at the strange kitchen garden. I was amused to see men and women standing with their mouths open in awe. It indeed was an amazing sight, the little gourds, long beans, eggplants, water melons, mustard spinach, okra, broccoli, cauliflower, Japanese Perilla and snow peas. The names were supplied by GT who refused to divulge where he got his magic seeds for this super kitchen garden.

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