Love making on the White House lawns

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it was surreal. I was in the White House. There was a big brass plate outside on the wrought iron gate; it said ‘Casa Blanca.’ People were making love on the White House lawns. President Obama was sitting watching in his stone throne shaped like the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Washington Monument. The love makers were all naked in protest against the rate of inflation. They wanted the Treasury Secretary to be flagellated.

I was Canadian. Why this obsession with the USA? People in India I see are still obsessed with the old British Raj.  Elder people talk about the golden age when Malka ( Queen Victoria?) was Empress. These ladies have to be really old to be nostalgic about that.

I am surrounded by dark Rajasthani women doing a circular dance around me. Suddenly Gaj appears with an erect member. The dark ladies are garlanding his manhood. They put a dot of red colour on the tip and bow down to him licking his feet. I  also sidle across and suck his toes.  

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