Kony, Joseph-2012

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Joseph Kony is an ogre- a terrible person who feeds on human beings. He roams central African countries like a wild predator feeding on children. He kidnaps children and arms and twists their minds. He forces them to go back and kill their own parents.


Everyone who read about Kony four or five years ago is stunned by the sudden blast of attention on You Tube-        http://youtu.be/Y4MnpzG5Sqc


through Invisible Children. Some say the authorities missed the boat five years ago when Kony was at his rampant worst. Today he has only 250 followers. Once he had an army of children consisting of 30000 people.


President Obama agreed to send 100 US soldiers as advisors in October 2011. There has been no positive news about Kony’s capture in the last four months. Meanwhile Invisible Children has chosen 2012 to make the world aware of this mad man.


The avowed oath of the people behind Kony 2012 is, ‘where you live should not determine whether you live.” If that is the case then many places in the world come to mind, especially Syria at the moment. Life is not easy in most countries where violence and terrorism rule. Some people say Kony 2012 is diverting funds from other urgent charities. Some allege misuse of funds.


Invisible Children has an agenda which is very thoughtful and proactive. The most significant one is proposed through the statement, ‘the best you can provide a child is the ability to be independent through education.’ The defeat of Kony’s LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) seems imminent.


It is true the video which is going viral has brought an answer to the oft repeated sentiment of most people, ‘we cared but we did not know what to do.’ Joseph Kony is number one on the list of people who have committed crimes against humanity. The desire of Invisible Children is to, ‘make him famous; highlight his crimes in 2012.’ An escaped fourteen year old boy has confirmed that Kony is aware of the fact that an American organisation is out to get him.


The organisation is using celebrities to promote the campaign. Big names like Sting, George Clooney and Rihanna have been roped in for the cause. Viewership of the video is jumping by the millions everyday. As the video says whether Kony is relevant or not today, it is precisely an idea whose time has come and cannot be stopped now.









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