Killer in a bus

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 Santosh Mane is a bus driver in Pune India. A day before India celebrates its 63rd  Republic Day, Mane ran amok when he was not given a driving assignment in the morning on the 25th of January.He hijacked a bus and  drove on the wrong side of the road mowing down people. He killed 9 people blazing through and hitting and damaging 40 cars.

People were horrified by the sight of the bus mowing through people going to offices and children going to school.  Some parents roughly pushed their children away to save them from the oncoming bus. Mane was finally overpowered after a 30 minute mad dash by some young college students, firemen and policemen.

Mane is an example of the increasing number of people who demonstrate rage on the roads of India. Lax traffic laws enforcement has created a situation where driving on Indian roads can be a life threatening experience.

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