Jim and Jack overcome Tom

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Tom is a construction worker. He has risen from the ranks and is a chief supervisor in a big construction company. They ship him to any new project in Ontario which needs some careful handling and expert dealing with the rest of the construction workers. He had been a happy go lucky fellow till he got laid off. The company he worked for had worked itself into financial quicksand. All projects came to a standstill.

Tom Singer could not believe his bad luck. He tried to get back on the track but could not find the same senior position anywhere. He refused to go back and work as a simple construction worker. He wanted to wait out his bad fortune. Sadly he took to drink. It was either Jim or Jack. Jim Beam and Jack Daniels became his great friends. Meanwhile my job as manager customer services in an international bank in downtown Toronto was using up all my time. I could not give him the time that he deserved. He became bitter and he was constantly drunk. At first he started pushing me around, shouting at me, accusing me of infidelity. I kept quiet and stayed out of his way and sometimes stayed with a friend.

Then as his frustration increased he took to hitting me. I left him and found a single room as my personal sanctuary. He could not live without me. He needed money too. He stopped drinking and started wooing me back. That was the best Tom I have ever seen. We were back together in our luxurious apartment again.

Soon the drinking started again. He refused to find a job. He sued his ex-employers and waited for the big bank roll he was going to get when he won the case. Meanwhile he became a lush. I knew we were heading for disaster. That is why I attended the Gurudaan seminar at the Toronto Convention Centre. I signed up for a three weeks course in meditation and spiritual rejuvenation in India. All my papers were taken care of and I had a six month tourist visa to India. That is why I was so easily able to abandon everything and reach India. I did not exactly abandon my job. I knew I needed a desperate break and I had discussed the entire situation with my bosses. They had already allowed me to take the three weeks leave. Thus it was not hard to pre-pone it a few days and go out to this new place in Gurgaon.

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