Jesus Christ’s Younger Brother—Hong Xiuquang

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Jesus Christ’s Younger Brother—Hong Xiuquang

Jesus Christ was a charismatic figure. His story inspires millions. The influence of Christianity can be seen from the fact that all of us accept and live in the Christian Era year 2013. 2013 CE. What more proof is needed of his sway over our world? We live in Anno Domini Nostri Iesu 2013. That is AD 2013.

It is not surprising that many people have claimed themselves to be reincarnated versions of Jesus Christ. Some have reigned with power using their Christ connection.

Jesus’ younger brother Hong Xiuquang

 One such person was Hong Xiuquang who claimed he was the younger brother of Christ. He interpreted a dream that he had in which he met an elderly bearded man and his son. The elderly man he interpreted as being God and the son he established was Jesus Christ. Hong was a poor member of the Hakka clan. He was good in studies and tried for many years to get into the Qing Imperial service through a civil service exam. The corruption in China at that time meant he could not get into the civil service because he did not have enough money to pay a bribe.

A lengthy illness after his failure in the civil service examinations led to a change in his personality. He seemed bigger and wiser to people. He read some Christian pamphlets and with the help of a Baptist preacher Issachar Jacox Roberts became a powerful leader of the Han people of China. He ruled over nearly 30 million people in Southern China and gave rise to what was known as the Taiping Rebellion which lasted fourteen years from 1850-1864. Hong made Nanjing his capital city and he was the ruler of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.


By the end of 1850 Hong Xiuquang had become a force to reckon with. Thereafter Hong became a powerful ruler for fourteen years but his hatred of popular Confucianism and other autocratic policies led to his downfall and death from food poisoning in 1864. It is curious to note that his defeat was caused by Charles ‘Chinese’ Gordon who later would confront the Mahdi in Sudan (Muhammad Ahmed) who was supposed to be aided by the second coming of  Isa (Jesus Christ) in the fight against evil forces.

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