Hurricane Gangnam—PSY

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Hurricane Gangnam—PSY

This South Korean Hurricane is hitting the world of music right now especially the US.

The song sung by PSY was released on the 15th of July and has just blasted its way into the top music charts of many nations including New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden and of course South Korea. The irresistible beat and the sexy Kim Hyun-A are making the video go viral. PSY does a funny dance routine mimicking a horse rider, in a bus, on the beach, in the city, in a spa, at the traffic lights, in the stables and on a boat followed by other sexy people.

The thumping beat is the main attraction of the song.

Hyun-a does a sultry butt shaking accompaniment to PSY.

PSY stands for Park Jae Sang born on December 31st 1977 in South Korea. He has studied in America at the Boston University and Berklee College of Music. His funny routine is loved by fans. He makes everyone laugh by dressing up as female stars of South Korea and mimicking them. This is going to be a platinum hit for him.

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