Heart Attack SOS! Give me a GIP

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Heart Attack?—Ask for a GIP


A new study has shown that an injection containing glucose, insulin and potassium will save a person from an imminent heart attack. So shout ‘give me a GIP (glucose, insulin, potassium’ if you can to indicate you have heart disease to the paramedics who reach you first.


A study reveals that the shot if given on the spot prevents heart attacks on the way to the hospital. An electrocardiogram can be used to determine the need for the cocktail injection.


This cocktail injection is recommended after a research done at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Dr. Harry Selker director of the Clinical Research Institute at the medical center also gave a presentation on the subject at the 61st conference gathered as the American College of Cardiology in Chicago.


The cocktail injection costs no more than fifty dollars and may be used by paramedics in the future. It has been tried by 33 medical facilities all over the US with positive results. Damage to the heart muscles was only 2% in GIP administered patients as compared to 10% in other patients who were not given the cocktail. 

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