Hank the H1bot!--Annie Konki-19

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Hank the H1bot!

Hank began to explain. ‘Yes we are H1bots—Hybrid Robots. Our population began to die on our planet because of a strange virus you sent to us in one of your exploring voyager missions. Our advanced medical science quickly came up with this answer. We are Andrepons who exist inside Robotic shells that protect us from all the illnesses of the world. What’s wrong with that? And what is so evil about Robots? It has become a pastime on Earth to portray Robots as evil in movies and literature. It isn’t so. We indeed can help you to survive all the pollution which is definitely going to end your human race.’

Sofmoda stood silent grasping this new information with his tremendous brain. ‘So you are here to seek revenge from Earth for sending that virus on an unmanned space ship?

‘No we are using Earth as a safe haven while we look for another planet to migrate too. Andrepon became unlivable after the introduction of the virus. Everything began to die—the flora and the fauna. We had to run away and Earth was the nearest. We know humans are reluctant to accept new cultures and races. We were afraid that you would begin to hunt us down.’

I had my mouth open in surprise. This was amazing. The brooch jumped from Sofmoda’s hand and jumped into my right hand. It was very excited and all the colors of the rainbow were shining on it one by one furiously.

‘I know this very exciting news for everyone!’

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