Guru Doublespeak

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Saints and life Gurus are conquerors too. They want to conquer the minds of millions of people using modern communications tools and techniques.

A self abnegation which is nothing but a war cry. Look I am above you. Become like me or I will condemn you. I wear a widow white sari; I wear a saffron robe and I roam around in a loin cloth. Look at me. I cannot be ignored, I am the new Alexander.

I kill you with my softness. I kill you with my carefully modulated soft voice. I am like a spoilt child who knows how to manipulate mom with a sweet voice. I live in an ivory tower, in denial of the real world. I make money off you and you gladly unburden your wallets. I am the ultimate con person.

I am the new Genghis Khan. I do not loot wealth, I pick at your minds. I fine tune you till you are my clone. You think like me then, eat like me and talk like me. I preach unknown herbs. I popularize bitter gourds and green calabash till the poor man can no longer afford these gifts of nature. I promote apple gourd and lentil soup. I am a despot of diet and exercise.

I became a cult leader because of my glib talking and my gobble de gook chanting. I am the ultimate Sophist. Follow me or live in a world that I will call hell.



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