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Gold--Meet the Shining Dawn—Gold—Aurum—Latin

Remember at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold. Why because everyone loves gold especially leprechauns who are reputed to hide gold in a pot which will proverbially be found at the end of a visual VIBGYOR. Howsoever Thomas More might have denigrated gold in his Utopia; it still holds charm for both men and women 500 years later.

Its attraction and value was the reason for its use by the Greeks as coinage as early as 700 BC as a Talent. That gold coin weighing nearly 8 grams would have a metal value of approximately 500 dollars today but a much higher historical value in Museums of the world.

Malleability of gold is its supreme quality. One tiny gram of gold can be hammered into an amazing sheet of a square meter of gold. When beaten into a thin sheet gold becomes translucent and acquires filtering properties for the colour spectrum. It also reflects infrared rays. This property makes it suitable for making visors for astronauts exploring the regions between the stars and moons. You know-- where nobody has gone before in iconic spacesuits.

People use gold as medicine and decoration on food—that is some people love to eat gold. Gold does not react with chemicals so its beneficial properties as medicine are doubtful. Russians (as made popular by the movies) love golden teeth. Let us not forget Goldfinger who had an ingenious way of smuggling gold.

Gold is stored in large quantities in the United States Bullion Depository near Fort Knox. Of course the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is number one in the amount of gold stored in its vaults.

As good as gold is not an empty phrase. This pretty metal is everyone's favourite and many people look for it in sunken ships in the depths of the high seas. An excellent example of such a treasure is the one found on the HMS Victory (1737)--


Remember in this day and age with its fondness for gold you would not go wrong if you named your child Auric (male) or Auricin (female). That is not very original because in Goldfinger the full name of the inimitable Gert Frobe is Auric Goldfinger. Gold in Latin is Aurum meaning Shining Dawn and thus also the Au in Chemistry.

Gold has always attracted the wrong kind of company to innocent nations. Have a thought for the poor Mayans, Incans, Aztecs and the docile Indians of Hindoostan.

Today gold is falling like the debris of a satellite through the fiery atmosphere of Earth. Should you buy it now?

Yes buy gold in a phased monthly savings plan. Some companies in India are offering an annual plan where you pay an instalment amount of your choice for eleven months and they the gold companies will back it up with a free twelfth month instalment. You can buy gold with this amount at the end of the year. As prices are falling right now, this seems to be a good option. Try Tanishq the most trusted name in the business. A minimum return of 15.5% is assured and you can reap extraordinary benefits if the price of gold begins to rise again.




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