Investing in Gold—2-Will it Still Glitter

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Gold—Will it Still Glitter

Who knows the real truth about anything nowadays? The edifices of financial institutions are swaying in the skies as if hit by an earthquake of 8 on the Richter scale. Words are flying about which the common man is unable to correlate to his investment plans.


The Cypriot Reserve Bank might dump their gold reserves on the open market to save their economy. What will happen then? Logically the price should plummet with such a large supply of the rare commodity.

Currencies are no longer linked to the gold reserves that nations hold. The US and Germany hold thousands of tons of gold in their banks. What if these super powers for some reason decide to reduce their gold reserves? What happens then?

In that scenario gold will shoot down to half its current price. Therefore do not put all your eggs in one basket. Feather your nest with some gold but not so much that your ship might sink on the high seas of international finance.

As I said in Part one, make haste slowly while investing in gold. Go for a systematic monthly investment plan in gold.Image1052

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