Five great rubber band tricks

Published on by Chander Malhotra

A rubber band is a great prop for performing tricks. If you want to become a rubber band maestro, carry at least two different coloured rubber bands at all times. These are five rubber band magic tricks to be tried here.

Jumping rubber band

The first rubber band trick is very simple. It is called the ‘jumping rubberband.’ We need just one rubber band for this trick. Slip one rubber band over two fingers of your left or right hand. Let us take the small finger and the ring finger. Looking at the back of the hand, your spectator can see only two fingers with the rubber band. Now close the fingers, all the while just showing the back of the hand to the viewers. Slip the nails of four fingers under the band covering your palm. When you open your fist, the rubber band will automatically slip on to the other two fingers.

Escaping rubber band

In this version, we need two rubber bands. Let's take a red one and a blue one. Place the blue one on two fingers and then with the red one, lock your fingers on the top by twisting around the tip of the fingers. Surprisingly, when you put four finger nails under the blue band, and when you open your fist, it will again jump to the other fingers despite the fact that you had locked it.

Shifting bands

We can do the previous one again with three rubber bands coloured red, blue and yellow. Put the red band on two fingers and the blue on the other two fingers. Lock the bands as done previously by the yellow elastic band. When you close and open your fist, the blue and red bands will change places.

Two easy tricks

In the next rubber band trick, hold an elastic band between the thumb and index finger. Pull the index and middle fingers through the ring and twist. Then, insert the thumb under the other strand and move the band up and around. Open gently and it will look as though two rubber bands are tangled against each other. Move your hands around, then release with a snap. Everyone will think that one elastic band has vanished.

The breaking rubber band trick is next. Hold both ends of an elastic band between the thumb and index fingers of your left hand. Start stretching the rubber band and when it is almost fully stretched, leave one end while holding onto the other end. This will make a snapping sound which will make the spectator believe that the rubber band is broken. Release again with a snap and it will be restored to its original unbroken self.

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