Dream analysis session

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I met Guru Disha again. I wanted to discuss my flagpole dream. I was embarrassed. I assumed my dream was erotic. I entered her room and as usual she was sitting on a mattress on the floor. The mattress had a sparkling white sheet on top of it. Guru Disha wore white clothes herself. She gauged my embarrassment and caught hold of my hand as I approached her. She pulled me down on the mattress and made me comfortable.

‘Tell me about your new dream. You need not be ashamed of your dreams. This is your soul speaking to you. Be honest with your soul. This is introspection of the final kind.’

She listened patiently and then smiled.

‘it is nothing. Your body is telling you to relax because now you have achieved a level of spiritual accomplishment. Perhaps it is telling to accept the fact that you are financially sound. Is that the case?’

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