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River of Doubt—Diamond Faceted Mind




Sometimes you are unable to see someone else’s point of view. You suddenly lack empathy.  You cannot give a reasoned opinion. Let yourself imagine a river flowing besides you and the people engaged in debate.  Traditionalists cannot accept a young person’s new concept.  Imagine yourself being transported to the other side of the river. It is easier to grasp an idea from a distance. Leave your body with your friends and let your soul or conscience go across the river.

Although you may be standing close to a person the river will be flowing between you and your conversationalists. Hold your thoughts still. Remain silent. Let the words flow around you. Empathize. There is no harm in seeing through new eyes. You will be more receptive to new ideas. Open the curtains of your mind. Stop toeing the line of tradition and your own mental boundaries. Open your mind to new ideas. Do not reject out of hand. Be patient. Reserve judgment for some hours. Contemplate before rejecting another’s point of view. Give advice only when asked for otherwise hold your peace.


You will soon see the fog lifting from around you and your soul will empathize with the person having a new viewpoint or proposal. It is enough to say, ‘I am beginning to understand.’ Your family and colleagues will appreciate your empathy. The river will disappear and you will be back with your friends. Your brain will have acquired a diamond like capacity to view others through many facets and to glimmer in acceptance. Get out of the shell of bias, bigotry and inhuman beliefs and shine like a beacon on a foggy night. Let your brain shine by contemplating and reflecting upon someone else’s point of view too.

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