Camel-Ship of the Dessert

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Man’s Best Friend-Camel


A camel is nature’s stoic survivor. It is a sad truth that Camels originated in North America and migrated to Asia. If they had stayed in the American continent perhaps there would not have been such a craze for the motor car. Camels could be found in the southwest of the United States in the last half of the twentieth century.


The army imported more than 50 camels from Turkey in 1856. The camels were a great help to the army in survey expeditions in desert areas in the southwest. Unfortunately the outbreak of the American Civil War made it impossible to sustain the Camel Corps. The camels scared the horses. Most of the camels were sold off while some wandered off or were led off to British Columbia.


Australia is home to a million camels. The Australians imported a few thousand in the nineteenth century but they have grown to this large number over the years.


A camel can live for fifty years a lifespan better than any car. It can survive for a month on a single filling of water and food. No need to get tanked up frequently.


Owning a camel would be the end of your worries regarding food. Camel milk has sustained human life in the poorest of conditions.


Camel’s milk is low fat with a range from 1.8 to 2% of fat which is half that of a cow’s milk. It has five times Vitamin C content than normal milk. It has a high proportion of good fats. Camel milk has cholesterol reducing properties. It is the perfect food for people who have lactose intolerance. The milk is very rich in calcium. It is a good diet for people with Diabetes 2.


Camels do not require expensive feeds and can sustain themselves on the poorest of fodder.


The next time you think of keeping a pet. Consider a camel.

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