Buy Cottons only and save the world

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Buy Cottons only and save the world

Our beaches are becoming littered with plastic debris from the synthetic shirts we wash. Each wash is throwing waste of 1900 miniscule fibres. These are cluttering the marine environment. As a result they are entering the food chain.

This has been reported by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in the United States.  Dr. Mark Browne who is a member of the research group says that the tiny fragments of plastic are eaten up by animals and fish and begin to reside in their body cells. This has been confirmed by the research group after taking samples from beaches all over the world. The samples showed traces of microplastic in all. The main contents were made up of nylon (polyamides), acrylic and polyester.

The researchers then analyzed the water discharged from washing machines and found the same concentration of microplastics. It is therefore a duty of the citizens of the world to buy only bio-degradable fibers in order to clean up the food chain.

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