Butts and Oofs of Airline Seats

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Butts and Oofs of Airline Seats

Ifs and Butts of flying seats.

Airline seats can no longer accommodate growing butts. American butts are growing bigger.

Someone goofed in the beginning by measuring butts while a person was sitting down. Men used to be around 14 inches and women 14.5 inches. Today American butts on average have increased by an inch in the seated position to 15 and 15.5 inches.

The goof up was in the part they measured. It should have been the shoulders which are wider than the backside. Naturally because we have to include the width of both arms. No wonder people are bumping into each other and food carts in economy class.

Who is responsible for the goof up? You! Customers are always cribbing for cheaper seats. Airlines respond to these feedbacks and curtail seat size and the space between the front seat and your seat to include more butt pans.

Today if customers start asking for wider seats and ignore the cost, why would not the airlines do it?

So stop complaining and go on a diet before you have to board a plane if you want to feel comfortable.



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