Branku circumcised

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When I came out Guru Disha was already there talking to Inspector Vij. She insisted upon sitting in while he asked his questions. I told him everything about Branku taking off his clothes and posing naked with, well , there was no other word for it, an erection. I thought it was central to the attack. Someone had seen him posing in his nude arousal and decided to do something about it in his anger or jealousy, who knows?

Inspector Vij seemed to have seen everything in this world. He was not fazed by the dancing naked bit and the lusty erection. He knew about it all.

I wanted to visit Branku. Inspector Vij thought it natural on my part as being the attention of Branku’s weapon of fertility. Guru Disha sent Beena with me and we arrived at the government hospital in Gurgaon. It was a white washed structure with people sitting on benches littered all around with syringes and used bandages. People were sitting as if they had come here to die.

We were led to a large hall which they called a general ward. The sight was scary. I had never seen so many seriously injured and dying people in my life. Everyone had an attendant sitting near the patient. Mostly wives and husbands or sons. The nurses were a tough lot who resented our presence and used thermometers like instruments of torture and threw pills into unwilling mouths and followed that up with a trickle of water from a dirty plastic  medicine measure.

We arrived at the bed on which Branku was lying. He was holding his private parts in terror and howling in pain. The inspector pulled rank and called a nurse. He wanted to see the injured part. He told me to go away, I said, ‘I will have a look.’

It did not look so rampant now. Someone had circumcised him. He was lucky. He would heal in a few days, said the massive nurse who walked in like a pregnant rhinoceros.

Branku looked at me and started crying. He pulled away in terror. He thought I had done that to him, I realised. 

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