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27523f088c1a92ee723f8b89ac7012edThe Seven Deadly Sins for your skin are:-

Heat leading to dryness


Extreme cold

Direct Sunlight

Icy Winds/Hot air


Bad cosmetics

I think the first six can be handled by adjusting your environment by selecting a better work place, right temperature for your home and a work/life balance which will not scare the softness out of your skin.

The last one is the villain—Using creams that can really harm your skin in the long run. Every shampoo, every spray, lipstick, rouge or powder that you use is nothing but a slightly acceptable mixture of chemicals. Who knows what are the long term effects of these packaged goods.

The answer is to look for natural solutions in the home.

Cucumbers are ninety percent water. They are the best means of rehydrating your skin. Two slices of cucumber kept over your eyes will give you that fresh morning glory look.

A crushed cucumber with some fresh cream makes an excellent paste for the face. You can get the cream by boiling some milk and letting it cool. The layer of fat on top will serve as an excellent cream.

Courtesy Annie Konki.


Keep the layer of cucumber and cream on your face as long as possible and then see the difference once you wash your face with water.

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