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Rukmani was an avatar of Lakshmi and was married to Krishna. Krishna is alleged to have more than 16000 wives but Rukmani was his favorite. A close rival for Krishna’s attention was Satyabhama who was another wife.

Rukmani is the perfect wife full of devotion for Krishna. Satyabhama is full of pride about herself, her great position and her love for Krishna. Narad Muni looking always to make Pride have a fall one day inveigles Satyabhama into a wager.

He hints that Krishna’s favorite really was Rukmani and not Satyabhama. Weaving a web of words he soon makes Satyabhama agree to a Tulabharam, a weighing of a person against coins, gold and jewellery. The person to be weighed is Krishna. Narad convinces Satyabhama that if she could equal Krishna’s weight in wealth, Krishna’s love for Satyabhama would certainly increase a thousand fold and make her the heartthrob of Krishna.

The catch was that first Satyabhama had to give Krishna away in charity to Narad and then later reclaim him with a Tulabharam. If she could not equal Krishna’s weight in gold then Krishna would become Narad’s slave.

Krishna’s wives are horrified and object to this wager. Krishna being an Avatar ofGod understands Narad’s intention to deflate Satyabhama’s pride and goes along with the wager. He sits down on one side of the scale and Satyabhama begins to load the other side with her jewels and gold. The scale remains unmoved and tilted towards Krishna.

Swallowing her pride she asks other wives of Krishna to help and they do so by donating their personal jewellery. Still the scale remains unmoved. Satyabhama panics and asks Narad to give her some hint as to how to accomplish the task. Narad hints that she should ask for help from Rukmani. Unwilling to see Krishna a slave of Narad she reluctantly goes to Rukmani. Rukmani reassures her and saying a prayer plucks a leaf of Tulasi and places it next to all the gold and silver. Suddenly the scale moves downwards and lifts Krishna into the air, thus giving Satyabhama victory.

Hindu religion always being symbolic thus lauds the gift of a simple offering to God. It also illustrates the benefits of holy basil, Ocimum tenuiflorum or as we know it Tulasi.



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