The benefits of an abdominal binder

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The modern abdominal binder is a corset used not for fashion but for fulfilling some medical purpose. The most common application for abdominal binders is as a support after liposuction, abdominal surgery or delivering a baby through a Caesarean section.

Essential support for the abdomen

An abdominal binder is also used by people who have had an abdominoplasty, that is, a tummy tuck. It is an essential support for allowing the stomach to recover its shape. The binder prevents swelling and helps in blood circulation.

It also helps in restoring memory to the muscles. It is a medical fact that the brain talks to the muscles of our body and as a result, they behave in certain ways if and when required. Surgery erases this memory which is regained by the muscles only over a period of time. Meanwhile, abdominal supports help the stomach to work efficiently and heal smoothly.

Postpartum back support

In the case of an abdominal support belt being used after a C-section, the binder protects the healing incision and gives great support to the new mother’s back. A great variety of lightweight abdominal binders have been created for Postpartum back and stomach relief. They are compression garments made of strong but light material which allows the body to stay cool and breathe through the fabric.

Faja or Sarashi

An abdominal support has been used by various societies for women after they have given birth. It is used by Spanish women and is called a ‘faja’. Japanese women too use the made-to-size custom binder and it is called a ‘Sarashi.’

Basically, a broad length of clean cotton or woollen cloth is wound around the stomach and lower abdomen in order to help the recovery of the muscles which have been injured during delivery.

The correct method of putting on the abdominal binder should be followed as described by the doctor. It is always better to take someone’s help to wrap the abdominal support firmly.

A person can be very weak after delivering a baby or after surgery and even simple functions like laughing and coughing can become difficult without the benign support of an abdominal binder.

It should be ascertained that the abdominal binder does not have any creases or folds because they will pinch the body once it has been tied up. It is wise to read the instructions accompanying the abdominal support to get the maximum benefits.

It is essential to wear an abdominal support after bariatric surgery or after a hysterectomy. Bariatrics is the branch of medicine which deals with the psychological, medicinal and surgical reduction of obesity.

The benefits of wearing an abdominal binder far exceed the discomfort felt by wearing it.

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