Bashar--Run and spare your citizens the misery of hanging you!!!

Published on by meditationguru

How will you ever be able to live with yourself Bashar? You have done to Aleppo what once Tamerlane did to the historic city. You could have been a benign leader but you chose to be the Devil.

A war criminal!

This is what your children will know you as.

Your wife has already left you.

Who are you doing this for?

You have money stashed away.

Run Bashar run before it is too late and the mob captures you and lynches you.

Take your sorry educated doctoral degree and go and practice in the jungles of South America. Perhaps they too will recognize your horrendous face. The most wanted criminal. Go and join Kony in Africa or best of all seek asylum in Russia or China. That will teach you a lesson in being a citizen in an autocratic state.

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