Annie Konki 18—Sofmoda Flies with the Magic Brooch

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Annie Konki 18—Sofmoda Flies with the Magic Brooch

I was running after the flying Sofmoda. I could see the transition of his flight path from that of a novice to that of an expert. He had mastered the magical brooch within minutes. He looked back and saw me. He made a pose as if he were Superman with one fisted arm extended and came flying towards me. He lifted me with his other arm and we set off sailing through the hot air of the dying summer.

He flew straight to Gointy’s store.  We both walked inside into the cool of the wooden building. Tom was lying as usual in the store window and he turned around to look at us. Hank Gointy gave me a smile and said ‘Hi’ to Sofmoda. Sofmoda smiled and said a sober, ‘hello.’

Sofmoda pressed a few buttons on the brooch and pointed it towards Hank who tried to duck unsuccessfully. The brooch threw a wide ray of X-Rays. We could look inside Hank. He was not human. He was a robot made up of wires and steel covered with skin. Sofmoda did the same towards Tom and his skeleton too showed up as one made up of steel, wires and electronic chips. Of course it was nothing on Earth. Sofmoda let out a muted whistle marvelling at the robots.

‘You are living beings who have been transposed into machine frames. Who did that to you?’ asked Sofmoda.

‘We are Andrepons from the planet of the same name. We do this transformation to all are children at birth. We live for centuries this way. Our body does not decay. We can change our bodies after every three hundred years. Our brains never age. They are the same from birth to adulthood full of prehistoric and modern knowledge.’

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