Annie Konki 17--Sofmoda gets a lift

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Annie Konki 17

No one had particularly paid any attention to the soft ‘ting’ or ‘ping’ sound that emanated from my new brooch. Sofmoda was amazed by the sudden rejuvenation of the generator. He sat on his haunches and looked at me. ‘What is that magical thing on your shirt lapel?’

‘It’s a new brooch given to me by Hank Gointy.’

‘May I have a look at it?’ asked Sofmoda. I took off the brooch and passed it to him. He somehow knew what it was. He touched it on certain points and suddenly it began to hum and float in the air with a gentle rotating motion. A 3D picture fell on the ground and the brooch was being demonstrated in what seemed like an advertisement by a strange tiny  match-stick creature about the size of a little  dog. It made motions with its stick arms and hands and bulb shaped head trying to explain the functions of the brooch in a strange whining language. Sofmoda seemed to understand it all. His brows raised up in amazement he waited for the advertisement to finish. Then he pressed another button and clasped the brooch tightly in his hand. His hand was pulled up with a lot of force and he was lifted three feet up off the ground. Sofmoda made motions with his hand and he began floating forward. It was time for everyone at the farm to stand motionless in awe again. Time stood still as we saw Sofmoda flying towards the Gointy store.

I ran after him. That was my brooch and I wanted it back.

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