Annie Konki 16--Ting

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 Annie Konki –16--Ting

I was a little afraid of my encounter. I placed everything that I had touched back neatly and retreated from the parcel room. I was sneaking out quietly when Hank called me from behind the counter.

“Something for your here, Annie!” said Hank.

I looked back and he had a little square packet in his hand.

‘A present? For me?’ I asked.

Hank, ‘Actually it is from the Intergalactic Parcel Service.’

So he knew. I smiled and took the small packed and thanked him.

I walked out of the store and sat down on a bench a little distance away under a tree. I opened the packet carefully and inside I found a strange looking brooch. It looked like a flying saucer and when I touched it the rim lit up with a circular motion of red, green, yellow, orange, violet, indigo and brown coloured lights which stopped when I took away my hand from it. I pinned the brooch on my shirt lapel. It was very brilliant made from some shiny material which seemed like a mixture of gold, silver and diamond powder.

I was happy with the brooch or clasp if you will.

When I walked into Log On, there was a group of men huddled around the problematic hydro power generator. Sofmoda was rotating the generator manually with a gloved hand to check if there was any electrical output. As I approached the generator and the men, there was a pretty ‘ting’ sound from my brooch. Everyone looked around to look at me. They welcomed me with, ‘Hey Annie, How’s it going Annie, Nice brooch, where did you get that.’

I said, “hey” in return but before I could say another word the generator started rotating of itself and we had electricity coursing through the voltaic and ampere meters. The entire mill lit up suddenly with the generated electricity. Everyone in the farm noticed the bright lights from the Mill and came running.

I slid out of there wondering about that ‘ting.’

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