Pint-size Putin Puts out People of E Pluribus Unum

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Alien Takes Over The New York Times

Putin certainly needs to be Put in his place.

Now we have seen it all. Remember the scenes in Star Trek where time and again an alien comes on the large screen and threatens Kirk. Well, Putin in The New York Times certainly gave a déjà vu to science fiction fans of an alien take-over. Surely President Obama got some extra grey hair with that letter? I even heard an expert on CNN praise Putin for his excellent English. Really some people are so gullible.

Putin is as alien as you can get in Cold War Revisited-Episode XYZ. Al Assad is his idiot child who has grown taller than his surrogate papa.

Papa will have his pound of flesh in the form of territorial influence, a checkmate to the US Marshall playing bounty hunter.

Will anyone stand up to this extortionist Putin? Does he ever smile?

 Central Casting Russia has sure got him right.



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