Get a foothold in the Present

Published on by meditationguru

19/02/15 Swami Sukhabodhanand: "You have to learn to work smart, more than work hard. The

brain, for ages, has been programmed wrongly; it has positioned the future to be your saviour.

Hence people think and believe , 'if I get million dollars. I will become happy' if I get married I

will become happy." so your saviour seems to be in the future. This is the error the brain has

done. The description of time is past present and future. But the truth of time is present. Past was

present future will be present. Hence the truth of time is present. If you do not know how to be

happy now you can never be happy. If the brain says I will be happy in the future it is silently

telling I am unhappy now.--Swami Sukhbodhanand in todays Times of India

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