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Want What

These words thought of by Ruth in Amy Tan’s book The Bonesetter’s Daughter sort of sum up our human state right now. All of us perhaps feel this way—


‘Sometimes I feel like I’m a pair of eyes and ears, and I’m just trying to stay safe and make sense of what’s happening. I know what to avoid, what to worry about. I’m like those kids who live with gunfire going off around them. I don’t want pain. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to see other people around me die. But I don’t have anything left inside me to figure out where I fit in or what I want. If I want anything, it’s to know what’s possible to want.’

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A Shower in April

The annual meteor showers held in the last weeks of April are here again. 


      Lyrid Meteor Showers- Thatcher's tail


Annual April rooftop meteor shower party



The April night skies will hold a spectacular extravaganza for you in the form of meteor showers. The nights in the last weeks of April will see the peaking of this galactic fireworks display.


These Lyrid meteor showers are common in the month of April every year. The shower is named after the constellation Lyra. The showers happen when Earth  passes through remnants of Comet Thatcher’s tail in its tireless 415 years long circumambulation of the Sun. The tail leaves debris in the sky made up of dust and ice which burns through our atmosphere every year in April. The earth will be driving through a cosmic sprinkler system on its journey around the Sun.


The best time to watch is two or three hours before dawn. The frequency of the meteors is generally about ten or thereabouts but sometimes it goes as high as a hundred meteors per hour. These are bright meteors and they sometime leave a smoky trail which lasts for a few moments.


Actually there is no connection between the constellation Lyra and the meteors; it is just that they appear to originate from near the constellation. They also come from the vicinity of the bright star Vega.


So have a meteor party on the rooftop and watch this great show put up by the night skies.

Read all about the dates and times here:-





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Kejriwal with his fondness for the symbol of a broom is the Harry Potter of this Indian Election. His Aam Aadmi Party (AAP-common man's party) is sure to win numerous seats in Parliament with his magic wand against corruption and red tape.

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Ghost Story

Sex and the Prince of Chandigarh


Condoms and Viagra—Book Review

A newly published eBook—Maree and the Prince deals with the subject of faith while telling the tale of a roguish writer who is a Prince given to excess in wine, women and writing.

Maree is his involuntary secretary and driver. The Prince is possessed by an English ghost. The book also explores Christianity through a devout Maree.

The ghost leads us on a journey to London, a sea voyage, Karachi, Lahore, Umballa and Simla in the 19th century. The book also takes us into an unexplored chapter of British-Indian history—that of Lascars—Indian native sailors who were the first immigrants in England.

The book is a search for faith with the help of a saint and a faithful servant.

The eBook is available on, Barnes&Noble, Google books and



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Put away far from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee.-- Proverbs 4:24

In other words:-


Put away from you crooked speech, and put devious talk far from you.

In other words:-

Don't be a wiseacre and stay away from smartalecs!

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